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You can now locate a misplaced Android smartphone without using the Internet.

Google has introduced its analogue of the Apple Find My service for finding lost smartphones. It works without an Internet connection, and some Pixel series gadgets will sound an “SOS signal” even when the power is turned off. Representatives of the company told the main details about the new technology.

The new search method was first announced at Google I/O in 2023. The principle of its operation is that every Android smartphone will learn to “catch” the location of other gadgets and transmit the coordinates to the “Find Device” online service. In this case, only its owner will be able to access the location of the lost gadget.

Android smartphone

For example, if one smartphone “sees” another via Bluetooth, it will send encrypted information about its location to the cloud. After a few meters, the second gadget will do this, and so on ad infinitum. As a result, the user will be able to find his device using a familiar online map, even if it is lost and disconnected from the Internet and mobile network.

In addition, the flagship Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro can be found even if they are turned off. This function is implemented using the backup power supply of the Bluetooth module of smartphones, which ensures that the “beacon” is active for several hours. Previously, the Find My Device service simply linked to online gadgets, so they could only be found if there was an Internet connection.

Android smartphone

The updated version of the service is currently available only in the USA and Canada. In May, in addition to Android devices, Chipolo and Pebblebee trackers will connect to the global search network, later – JBL and Sony headphones, and at the end of the year – Motorola, Jio and Eufy gadgets. Another “informant” will be the Google Nest Hub smart display. It will help you find a lost device within your home.

Google notes that the updated service will prevent you from asking for your location too often. This restriction is introduced to ensure that the service is used only for its intended purpose and not for spying on people. The service will work on devices with Android 9 and newer versions of the mobile OS.

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