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The First Blockchain Gaming Console Based on Playtron OS Was Announced

Playtron wants to create an OS that combines the gaming benefits of Windows and SteamOS. The startup’s management spoke about this at the end of March. The first gadget based on the new OS was recently announced; at the same time, it became known that the future new product will become a blockchain device.

The console was announced by Mysten Lab at its Sui Basecamp event in Paris. Sui is a blockchain and cryptocurrency for serving decentralized applications. The platform is positioned as a general purpose network with cheap transactions and a convenient interface for working with Web3.

The main features of the console, called SuiPlay0x1, will be the pre-installed Playtron OS and integration with the Sui blockchain. This will allow gadget users to own blockchain assets directly connected to the gadget account. In other words, the device owner will be able to buy and own games on the blockchain, and the company itself promises cryptocurrency incentives and rewards for purchasing games.

The console should go on sale in 2025 for about $500. Support for Steam and Epic Games Store, Linux games and Web3-based titles is announced. The next announcement about the progress of work on the console is expected in three months.

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