A project for a glass museum created with the participation of AI has been presented

The architectural firm Luca Curci Architects proposed to create a unique symbol of environmental consciousness and sustainable development, which would combine the history of glass with modern experimentation. It was decided to implement the project in the form of a floating museum.

Inspired by the nearly 1,500-year-old Venetian glassblowing practice, as well as the vast creative capabilities of AI, an international design team developed a floating exhibition. The museum’s architecture transforms the water on which it sits into a canvas for artistic expression and highlights its important message: climate change.

Artificial intelligence-generated visuals reflect a variety of moods, from soothing pastel shades to vibrant colors that create a sense of movement. The designers note that this museum will be a place where art, nature and tradition converge, presenting a single balance. Its area, according to the creators, will be 3800 square meters.

The project is currently at the concept stage, and its further development will focus on several cities around the world affected by climate change, including Dubai, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Busan.

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