Android smartphone users will be able to quickly search for information about unfamiliar phone numbers

Google is working on implementing a simple and user-friendly feature that can be quite useful for most Android smartphone users. We are talking about a tool called Lookup for the Google Phone application, with which you can easily find information about unfamiliar numbers.

By default, the Google Phone application is installed on branded Pixel smartphones, but users of other Android smartphones can download it if necessary. When an application user receives a call from an unfamiliar number, he can select this number from the list of incoming calls, highlight it and select the Lookup function from the menu that appears. After this, the number will be automatically copied to the Google search engine, which you can use to search for information about the owner of the number.

Android smartphone

It is difficult to say how useful the Lookup function will be, since scammers usually use spoof numbers for calls. However, many users have had to search for data about unknown numbers on the Internet, and the new tool will definitely make this process faster. The Lookup feature is currently available in the beta version of the Google Phone app. It will likely be deployed to the stable version of the product along with one of the next updates.

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