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Xiaomi Producing One SU7 Every 76 Seconds

Xiaomi has published a video demonstrating the assembly process of the branded SU7 electric car at a new plant in Beijing. It is worth noting that production is carried out in partnership with a large Chinese automobile company BAIC.

The short video shows almost all the key stages of assembling the car. Judging by what we saw, the entire process is as automated as possible, and live personnel only control everything remotely through computer monitors.

In the video you can see that even the transportation of parts around the plant is carried out by unmanned robots, reminiscent of robotic vacuum cleaners. The painting process is especially impressive when several robotic arms, like the tentacles of Doctor Octavius ​​from the Marvel universe, spray paint over the body. At the end of the video, the different tests that the Xiaomi SU7 undergoes are shown.

Xiaomi plans to produce up to 150 thousand cars per year and double this figure in the future. Meanwhile, experts have already tested the top modification SU7 Max.

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