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The Global Cryptocurrency Ownership Surpasses 562 Million One in Every Thirteen Individuals Holds Crypto

A new report has shown an unprecedented rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Now every thirteenth inhabitant of the planet owns them, and experts talk about a cryptocurrency boom on a global scale.

According to, a new report published by fintech company Triple A shows the rapid growth in the number of cryptocurrency owners around the world. According to the study, in 2024, 562 million people already own cryptocurrencies, which is almost 142 million more than in 2023.

This means that at the moment every thirteenth inhabitant of the planet owns cryptocurrency. In percentage terms, the share of the entire global population using digital money increased from 5.4% to 6.8% in just one year.

The growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies is especially noticeable in Asia, a region that previously led in the number of crypto investors. Thus, in 2023, there were 268 million crypto owners in Asia, and in 2024 their number jumped to 327 million. The increase was almost 22%, and as noted, such growth rates are not found in any other region.

North America ranks second in the number of crypto investors – their number there has grown from 52 to 72 million. In percentage terms, this is a 38.6% increase over the year. The growth rate in South America is also impressive – plus 116.5%. The number of cryptocurrency owners there has almost doubled, reaching 55 million people.

In general, experts note that interest in digital financial assets is growing throughout the world, which suggests that cryptocurrencies are firmly embedded in everyday life and are playing an increasingly prominent role in the global financial system. According to analysts, in the coming years cryptocurrencies will be used by hundreds of millions of people in every region of the planet.

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