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The Chinese taught robots to run at a speed of 6 km/h

The Beijing-based startup has unveiled Tiangong, an electrically powered humanoid robot capable of running up to 6 km/h and confidently negotiating obstacles including slopes, stairs and rough terrain.

The company calls Tiangong the first open-source robot in history to use a purely electric drive, although the mechanics are very similar to those of competitors like Unitree’s H1 and Boston Dynamics’ Atlas.

To negotiate slopes and climb stairs, Tiangong relies on 3D vision sensors, adjusting the trajectory in real time as it moves. The robot is also equipped with six-axis force sensors. Its processor is capable of processing up to 550 trillion operations per second.

The height of the 43-kilogram Tiangong is 1.63 meters. The humanoid robot is equipped with a 48 V and 15 Ah battery. His arms have three degrees of freedom, and his leg joints have six. At the same time, the development is equipped with inertial measurement units and built-in Wi-Fi.

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