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Reservations For SpaceX Missions To The ISS Moon And Mars Are Now Available.

SpaceX has begun accepting applications from anyone wishing to travel beyond their home planet. Space tourists are offered to visit low-Earth orbit and the International Space Station, and in the foreseeable future – the Moon and Mars.

For flights to orbit and the ISS, the Dragon Capsule spacecraft will be used in conjunction with the Falcon 9 rocket, and missions to the Moon and Mars are planned using the Starship.

The company reports that the tour to low-Earth orbit will last from three to six days (no more than 4 people). In turn, the visit to the ISS lasts 10 days.


There is no exact information about trips to the Moon and Mars yet, but the company says that in the first case, the trip for 12 passengers will last a week. There are no details about trips to the Red Planet yet.

Ticket prices have also not been announced, but NASA officials said they paid the company approximately $55 million for a seat on board the Dragon capsule for its astronauts. Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic offer lower-cost travel, but their flight profiles and spacecraft are very different from SpaceX.

The first orbital flights are planned for the end of 2024, tours to the ISS – next year. Details can be found on the official SpaceX website.

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