ReachBot spider robot will go to explore Mars

Stanford University researchers have unveiled a robot for exploring the complex terrain of Mars. The development is made in the form of a walking spider and is designed to help other technology, such as rovers and drones, in exploring hard-to-reach places.

ReachBot can imitate the movements of harvest spiders or mower spiders. Employees of the research institute were inspired by the grace of insects while moving. A similar technique will be used during the robotic expedition to Mars.

Scientists used retractable limbs that resemble legs in the design of ReachBot. To allow the robot to stay on vertical surfaces, engineers used three-finger grippers. ReachBot explores the area using a processor and a CCTV camera. The system records the most suitable places for placing the robot and subsequent exploration of the surface of Mars.

As part of the experiment, ReachBot could walk on walls and even went through the ceiling. The robot is now ready for the next test in the lava tube environment around Pisgah Crater in the Mojave Desert.

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