NASA showed what black holes look like from the inside

Created by NASA specialists using computer modeling, the visualization allows you to virtually immerse yourself in the center of the event horizon – the point of no return for anyone who could potentially find themselves inside a black hole. According to scientists, not only space, but also time is distorted inside this structure.

A series of videos once again proves Einstein’s general theory of relativity. NASA has also released 360-degree videos that give viewers an up-close look at the black hole’s surroundings and even a map of the sky.

The mass of such a black hole is 4.3 million times greater than the mass of the Sun. The event horizon of the celestial body reaches a length of 25 million kilometers, which is equivalent to 1/8 the distance from the Earth to the Sun. A black hole is surrounded by a flat, rotating cloud of hot, glowing gas and photon rings that circle it one or more times.

The camera is initially positioned 640 million kilometers away, but the black hole quickly fills the viewer’s field of view. On the way to the disk of the celestial body, the photon rings and the night sky are increasingly distorted due to the curvature of space-time.

In total, scientists generated 10 terabytes of data. Processing such an array of information took the supercomputer five days. A typical laptop would take more than ten years to complete this task.

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