Microsoft Resolves Windows 11 Bug Enabling Local Account Creation

Many Windows 11 users prefer to use local accounts, despite the fact that during the operating system setup process you are prompted to enter the email address associated with your Microsoft account. Until recently, you could enter a random email address and password, get an error when trying to log in, and proceed to create a local account. Now it has become known that Microsoft has fixed this bug, and it is no longer possible to create a local account using this scheme.

Most often, Windows 11 users opted for local accounts, since this approach gives more control over their own data and implies a higher level of confidentiality. However, using local accounts also loses access to some useful features, such as backing up account data and special features in apps like Copilot. To create a local account, it was enough to enter a fictitious mailbox address and a random password in the registration field. After checking the data, the OS would predictably generate an error, and the user could proceed to create a local account.

Now it has become known that this well-known method of registering a local account in Windows 11 no longer works. Apparently, Microsoft has fixed a bug that allowed you to create a local account. Instead of proceeding to the next step, the user will receive an error message and be prompted to enter a valid email address until the correct Microsoft account credentials are provided.

Previously, users could also turn off the Internet before setting up Windows 11, which also made it possible to create a local account. Now this method is not available, and users have to look for other workarounds or use valid Microsoft accounts to register.

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