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Apple introduced VisionOS 2 for the Vision Pro headset

Following firmware updates for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, Apple also introduced a new version of the OS for its augmented reality headset. The company told what the device will “learn” after the update, and also released a patch for the current version of the OS.

One of the main innovations was the appearance of a new function in the Photos application. It has learned to convert ordinary photographs into three-dimensional ones with a 3D effect using machine learning algorithms. There is also a SharePlay feature that allows you to quickly share content with other users.

VisionOS 2

In addition, the gadget received support for higher resolution when working in virtual display mode for Mac computers. According to the developers, the effect is now comparable to using two ultra-wide 4K monitors at once. The device also features an “offline” mode for viewing multimedia files in high quality for traveling on trains.

Finally, the company, together with Canon, announced a new 3D lens for the EOS R7 digital camera. It can be used to create content tailored to the headset. Smaller changes include improved mouse support, new gestures, and a slightly redesigned app icon grid.

VisionOS 2

At the same time, Apple released an update to the current firmware to version visionOS 1.2. The most notable changes are:

– Device and user registration based on accounts using Apple IDs
– The ability to link closed captions when watching Apple Immersive Video
– Expanded options for personalizing your digital avatar
– More accurate cursor positioning for text entry and fixes for a number of existing problems with keyboard
– Improved reliability of detection and connection to Mac using Mac Virtual Display
– Problems with the operation of Universal Control and Bluetooth have been resolved
– Added the ability to configure the device when using a closed Wi-Fi network.

The visionOS update is already available for installation. The exact release date for visionOS 2 has not yet been announced: most likely, this will happen in the fall of this year.

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