Windows vs Linux: Know Which One is for You


By reading this heading you will become aware that this article is a comparison between most favourite competitors in computer operating system market: Windows & Linux. So let’s start comparison by various point of view.


Windows is the package of softwares from microsoft.

Linux is a kernel.It is open source development software. It is unix flavoured OS.


To install windows on your pc you need to buy its package or you can buy PC with pre-installed OS. The best option that many users follow is copy operating system package(setup) from anyone who already have windows OS.

Linux is available on many sites with kernel, library files, desktop environments etc.


Windows can be installed on almost any computer having supported hardware platform. Installation is simple & completes in 6-7 steps.

Linux has harder installation process. It requires minimum 14 steps or more. You need to know many things before installation of linux.


Windows is user friendly operating system. It is so easy to operate.

Linux is not too easy like windows. You need to spend some time or read complete documentation to get knowledge to operate system. It requires user permissions and customisations many times for different tasks.


Windows not give more freedom to user.If you need integrated software development then this is not a good OS.

Linux is one of the best open source software development tool. It gives more freedom to user & also give a chance to know about internal work of system.


The windows is user friendly because of involvement of user in the any process is less as compared to linux. Windows does not require user permissions so many times as linux. The windows perform many events of process internally without considering the user.

User involvement is more on linux.Actually in linux process user should aware and control every event in process.


Windows is graphically one of the best os.It has eye catching GUI.

Linux has more than 6 types of graphic systems. Some most popular are KDE, GNOME. But still linux is failed to form stunning GUI like windows.

App installation:

Windows app includes their library files in the package. Hence installation is simple by double click & install feature.

Many linux flavoured OS do not have double click & install feature.
It is because of linux apps do not include library files in package.You can enable feature by wizard manager but if libraries are not preinstalled on your pc the system prompts to install.Sometimes one library need to install another library which is called library dependencies.


Windows has more software & hardware support than linux.

Linux has less hardware & software support due to its less users.


Windows is less stable as compared to linux while linux is more stable, hence it is popular server os.


Windows is lag far behind to linux in security because of its large no. of active have 60000 viruses
& most of them are active.

Linux have 60 viruses & almost all found inactive.The most of the virus files are visible on linux ,so you can delete them easily.


Widows is costly OS. Most of the packages have cost more than 6000.

Most of linux versions are free & those which are paid have less cost as compared to windows

Both systems have there products in market. Some of them as below:
Windows: Windows xp/7/8/10/vista, being Windows 10 the latest version.
Linux: Debian, Red Hat 6.0, ubuntu, mint, slackware, SUSE

Select one which suits you best from above.

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