Will Foldable Smartphones be the next revolution in Mobile Industry?


Mobile industry hasn’t been much fortunate to see many changes in its structure. Probably, getting the colored display and getting rid of typing pads to make full touchscreen display, were only the major popping aces. But after a gap of more than a decade, mobile industry will be fortunate enough to witness another change.

Rumors has it that the new bendable smartphones will take the mobile market by storm, on their release.

A smartphone that holds the capability of bending completely will bring a tremendous revolution in the mobile industry. Folding of a device won’t just make it look more cool and smart but at the same time will increase its portability.


Samsung has always worked incessantly towards making their mobile phones a success and we owe a lot of credit to them for inventing a lot of features that we today enjoy working on. Recent reports suggest that late in the year 2017, Samsung might just amaze everyone with its new foldable phone release – Samsung Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X will feature a foldable AMOLED display and thus will be the first foldable phone to do this. Although like the 90s, it won’t go back to dial pads, where we had only half a display available. Neither will it go backwards in the terms of resolution. The display will feature a unique hinge mechanism in the middle of the smartphone and this will not impact the display’s structural integrity, image quality, or touch capability.

Based on the design front, there hasn’t been anything made official, but quite possibly Samsung X might just also feature a metal frame in order to be cohesive with its existing Samsung Galaxy mobiles and other series.


In the quest of making foldable smartphones, Nokia has also decided to join the race Along with Samsung. US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent named foldable device, to the company. The patent claims to bend the device of large sizes (6,7 or 8 inches) into a portable device that could fit easily in a pocket, by having a hinge in the middle of the phone. The patent also claims that the foldable smartphones from Nokia will feature a curved
back and probably the outer covering might just not be having display feature.


Quintessentially, Along with Samsung and Nokia, another smartphone giant-LG will join the race of foldable smartphones. Reports claim that LG started working on foldable smartphones even before Samsung and it might even surprise Samsung with its features. Reportedly, LG is also looking to make 100,00 foldable devices in the fourth quarter. LG mobiles may use the folding screens for smartphones built by other companies rather than in its own devices, with the report noting Apple and Huawei as potential clients.

As Samsung,LG and Nokia gear up to battle up for the foldable smartphones, 2017 might just be the dawn of foldable smartphones.

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