Why Your Business Needs IT Support


If you run or own a business and you’re looking to free up money for growth, or you need to build up a financial buffer as we enter uncertain times, then you’ll be looking for ways to save money.
One way of saving money is to downsize your IT department, or to decide to handle things yourself entirely. While this will work in the short-term, eventually you’ll face problems that you weren’t expecting. There are four main reasons as to why your business needs to find IT support solutions as soon as possible.

In-house IT support doesn’t actually save money

If you’ve decided to go in-house, you’ll be surprised by how expensive it can be. Not only are you paying salaries (if you have a dedicated IT staff), but you may also end up paying for constant training so staff are aware of new technologies. You’ll also be paying for new hardware and replacements, as well as software and, on top of that, emergency call-outs when you really are in a mess.

If you decide to permanently outsource your IT support, you’ll be saving money because you’ll pay a set monthly fee, no matter how many times you need to call or get someone in. No extra training costs, no salaries, no fuss. It’s a predictable cost and while you may go for months with no hassle, we all know that when disaster strikes, it really goes for it and you’ll be glad for every penny you spent!

You can have remote IT support

We’re not restricted to our offices anymore. You may be away on business hundreds or thousands of miles away from home and your head office. This doesn’t matter – you may be in Antigua and your IT support in Manchester – you can still get the help you need to resolve any issues so you’re back to catching up on emails (on your lounger) in no time.

There’s phone support too

It’s not always about the geography, either (because you won’t always be in Antigua…); sometimes it’s about time. IT problems don’t work nine-to-five, they can strike at any time and if you know that you have the support network in place to deal with them whatever the hour, it’s huge peace of mind. It’s also a big selling point to potential customers.

In-house IT support can often mean a lot of downtime

If your office hours are 8.00am to 6.00pm and this includes the tech guys, then a lot of office hours (and therefore revenue) can be wasted when there’s an IT problem. With an outsourced support service, you can have 24-hour coverage, remote or not, to maintain your servers and possibly even identify problems before they arise.

To sum up

Outsourced IT support can save your business a lot of money in the form of salaries, hardware, software and staff training. It also helps to prevent downtime, which in turn increases productivity and makes your company reliable to customers.
If you decide to handle all your IT yourself, you will almost certainly not be able to take on the challenges fully. You certainly won’t be able to address them and run your business properly.

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