What is VPS Hosting? Advantages & Disadvantages


A Virtual Private Server (VPS) or more commonly known as Cloud Hosting or Cloud Computing is the one where unlike Shared hosting or Dedicated hosting, the resources, bandwidth, computer operations are spread among multiple servers that are networked to act as one system. Failure of one of the servers does not hinders the process as there are others backing it and it thus guarantees exclusive server resources.

Cloud hosting is a powerful solution for high traffic internet sites and business but might just not be the ideal one for small business.

Virtual Private Server can be visualised as one slice of an Apple that is being cut into 50 (say) parts. It thus allows you to pay only for those resources which you use and if in any case you want to increase or decrease the use of resources, you can easily upgrade or degrade it and can pay then accordingly.

Advantages of VPS

  • Cloud Hosting is cost effective and you are bound to pay only for the resources that you use and not for the entire system. It is also easy to upgrade or downgrade the space according to your need of resources.
  • Cloud Hosting is a powerful solution for internet sites and business that require quality performance and high traffic.
  • Collaboration-Employees can sync up and work, wherever they are.

Disadvantages of VPS

  • Managing the cloud hosting servers isn’t easy and you require skills of an IT professional to do that. It therefore isn’t the best choice for small business which demand for less resources and require easy working and repairing.
  • It is necessary in cloud hosting that you attain proper bandwidth i.e you need to have a fast connection to make the network work well.
  • At all points, you need to protect and secure your data by performing security checks in the networking process to ensure that it is not under any kind of threat.

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