What is Dedicated Hosting? Advantages & Disadvantages

Dedicated servers are the ones which are only confined and dedicated to you and you own the entire system for some fixed amount of time. In dedicated servers, the users literally rent a real physical server for some fixed amount of time and in that period they are offered for something like-8GB of RAM, several terabytes of storage and a speedy internet connection. Here, you are bound to pay at the price you rented the server. If you just rent the server and don’t use it at all,you pay the rented price and if after renting the server,you use it enormously, then you still pay the fixed rented price.Unlike VPS servers, where there is more flexibility and you actually pay for the amount of resources you need, Dedicated hosting servers are completely inflexible and the users here a charged a fixed amount,which has nothing to do with you making more or less use of your resources.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

  1. Enables the implementation of sophisticated application such as for instance streaming media,databases and higher end email options.
  2. You are provided with massive amount of storage and if then you are sending video files and any extra data,it doesn’t cost you any extra money and you pay only for what you have rented the server.
  3. You are liable to host multiple sites on a single machine.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

When it comes to attributes, there is nothing greater better than having a separate web hosting service,however in some cases like for a small business, Dedicated hosting can be a bit expensive as because sometimes the users are not in need of the massive amount of storage and bandwidth that is provided to them at the time of their renting and as because they pay for a lot they don’t use, it becomes ineffective.

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