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Ultrathin iPad Keyboard by Nibiqu

Ultrathin iPad Keyboard by Nibiqu

Nibiqu launched Ultrathin iPad keyboard. In a quick look you may get confuse that it’s a cover, but it also allows you to type like a common keyboard. Being lightweight Nibiqu iPad keyboard is easy to carry while adding to your functionality and comfort. Nibiqu iPad keyboard is now compatible with 2nd & 3rd generation of iPad.

This Ultra thin iPad keyboard is just 3.5 mm, 0.14”, thick. Its design allows the integration and perfect fit for the iPad (second and third generation, fourth coming soon), always looking for the minimum possible thickness. The support system allows, using magnets, to change the tilt of the iPad. Magnetic connection directly with the iPad, using the “L connection piece”, avoiding the use of additional batteries for the keyboard. With this ultrathin keyboard the iPad can be placed both in landscape and in portrait mode. Nibiqu ultrathis keyboard for iPad is weighs only 200gm. The Untrathin iPad Keyboard, Nibiqu is available in 5 colors; dark grey, white, pink, light blue, green.

So go for one and enhance your iPad experience

Ultraslim iPad Keyboard

Ultraslim iPad Keyboard – Nibiqu

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