Top 5 innovations in Home automation Space


With the passage of time, as we anticipate some new innovations by technology, we find ourselves fortunate enough to witness some unexpected creations every now and then,that tend towards making our lives more comfortable and something we can’t resist is getting our eyes glued upon all of them.

Home automation is slowly taking off and with big companies joining the race,one can just think that the comfort inside a home has just begin.

Having the power to control your house when you are not present in your country or to make your surrounding devices work with just your voice, would have appeared absolutely fictional a few years back but technology has certainly made it possible in the present.

Here are some of the best innovations that we have today in home automation.

Securing your house with

With security platform and mobile app, one can just take control of his/her own house by handling his/her smartphone.

The smartphone then starts behaving like a remote for controlling security cameras, watching their footage, turning on and off lights or for adjusting thermostat.

eGeetouch Smart Locks

eGeetouch Smart Lock makes use of NFC technology and thus helps in locking or unlocking of suitcases, almirah and doors by just waving your phone over it, which saves the time consumed in fiddling away with keys or with number locks.

Wally Home

They are the emergency sensors planted at different locations in the house to detect any accident like sudden increase in temperature, water leaks, presence of any inflammable gas around etc. In case of any emergency,the user is sent a push notification on his smartphone so that he can handle the situation with time left.

Fibaro Motion Sensor

Fibaro Motion Sensor acts as the eye of the house and can be used to inform the owner about any activity at his/her house. The device judges the number of guests entering the house and turns ventilation up or down accordingly.
The sensor also shows a change in its colour owing to the changing temperature of the room in which it is kept.

Amaryllo iCam HD Pro

Amaryllo iCam HD Pro is used for full HD 360° viewing of all objects to ensure safety of house. Users will have a clear picture and never lose track of what they are watching with object tracking. Users also can control the swivel on the camera from their device as it has a full 360-degree rotation.

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