Top 5 emerging VR trends of 2017


VR (Virtual Reality) is a fascinating form of technology that we have been catered to,from a past few years. Being taken virtually to a complete different place while you are still sitting in your home or somewhere else, looked completely alien to all of us a few years back but certainly technology made it possible and now with all big companies rushing in this new form of technology to try their hand and to add different features according to their theories, users can certainly expect a lot to happen in the field of VR.

We are just in the age of virtual reality and as users start craving for more, the expectations from the big companies to deliver more go a notch high every time. 2016 has already been an year for virtual reality headsets and as headsets like HTC Vive, oculus rift and Sony PlayStation VR set a benchmark with their high performance,it’s very much unlikely that we are expecting another biggie in quick time.

More brands shall come in to create effective VR content

Just like the idea of Mobile creation flourished all over the market and gained attention of dozens of brands, VR shall see the same popularity in coming time.

“Proliferation of New entrants into the space will happen for many years to keep up with the demand” says August Bradley Cenname, COO and CMO of kite & lightning.

The idea will not only be to create numerous amount of Virtual reality products but also to make them cost effective.

VR won’t remain as a pure sci-fi concept for long

Instead of being undertaken as a pure sci-fi concept, the idea of Virtual reality will transform into an industry of real and desirable products. Also, No sooner the VR products will hit the hands of the masses, than the cost of technology and creating VR content will decrease.

Increase in retailing of VR will provide an immersive experience to the consumers

“With VR, the energy and excitement of the front row runway experience can now be had by many,simply by putting on the headset and immersing oneself in the content “ says Roy DeYoung, SVP of Creative Stratregy at PMX Agency.

Consumers will be able to experience VR at low and effective costs

With VR headsets like Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus rift and HTC Vive raising up the performance bar with their splendid features,it’s hard to find a competitor in quick time that exhibits enough power to beat all of them but certainly yes,2017 can be a rejoice for all the consumers who haven’t experienced VR and want to try their first hands on it.

Reports suggest that a number of small brands will be gearing up for the mass production of VR products so as to provide the consumers with a taste of virtual reality.

VR filmmaking will slowly make headway

“We’ll see relatively few cinematic narratives in the high end systems,through a small number of standouts will achieve good market share relative to games” says Cenname.

Virtual reality filmmaking will certainly add a new dimension to entertainment industry and will for sure garner a huge amount of fan following slowly and steadily as filmmaking will incorporate the power of VR.

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