Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Prices, Features & Specs


If the Galaxy S7, released recently, amazed you with its powerful specs and features, brace yourselves as Samsung is going a step further to unleash the successor to S7, the Galaxy S8. Galaxy S7 was a huge hit among critics and masses alike and to ensure that S8 remains huge hit too, Samsung has embedded some mind blowing features in it,some of which include 4K display, edge style screen, improved camera and wireless charging.

There are still a few months left before Samsung Galaxy S8 makes its way into the market but the market of mobile and technology is already saturated with a lot of rumours considering the specs,release date and price of this giant piece of technology. Here in this article,we shall be covering most of the speculations that is surrounding the S8.

Galaxy S8 Release Date

Although April remains the favorite month for the release of Samsung Galaxy “S” series phones, it is expected that this time the new addition to this series, the S8 will be releasing somewhere in February or March.That’s because Samsung has shown a penchant for revealing the Galaxy S- flagships at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress tradeshow. In 2017, MWC is set to run between February 27 and March 2. We reckon the handset will actually debut one day before, on February 26.

Galaxy S8 Price

The expected price for the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be approximately $900.


Reports claim that in order to fill all of the front of Galaxy S8 with just screen, Samsung might just ditch its home button. If it successfully does that, it will be directly compared to the Apples iPhone 8, which in order to give a classy look and to make display better has claimed to completely remove the home button. The screen to body ratio, which is currently close to 80% is also being increased to close to 99%,Park Won-sang a Principal Engineer for Samsung Display, said.

We’ve also heard a rumour that the Galaxy S8 may have significantly smaller bezels than the Galaxy S7. In order to meet the growing popularity of virtual reality, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be having a 4K display which will another standout feature to look out for. Going ahead of the normal trend of 5.1”, Samsung S8 might just have 5.7” and 6.2” display in its two variants, report from the Korea Herald said.

Also the fingerprint scanner is expected to be on the display screen whereas there is some probability that it might be present on the backside, just like Google Pixel.


When compared to Galaxy S7, S8 will see good upgrades in its storage and RAM. Reports claim that S8 will be featuring a gigantic 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. 6GB of RAM was first introduced into the Android smartphones when One Plus released its two glorious phones Oneplus 3 and Oneplus 3T.


Galaxy S8 is expected to have bigger battery than S6 and S7 and somewhere close to 4000 mAH.But for how long a phone actually lasts on a single charge depends on a number of factors. However, if Samsung does finally move to a 4K display with the Galaxy S8, you can count on that putting a serious damper on battery life too.


Recently released Galaxy S7 had one of the best camera features.When you’re taking a photo with an iPhone, between 5% and 10% of the pixels are used for focusing. But with the Galaxy S7, every single pixel is able to take part. With that level of excellence reached,it is actually difficult to predict that what Samsung has in stores for us with S8.

As an upgrade for the Galaxy S8, Samsung might just introduce autofocus for secondary camera. Usually front facing cameras are enabled with the auto focus feature as they are constantly used for selfies but speculations are that Samsung might just enable this feature in its rear camera for S8.

That said,The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be everything we have hoped for, and will surely emerge as one of the most powerful, stylish and all round accomplished smartphones in the market.

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