PriceBaba is Planning to Expand into More Categories this Year


PriceBaba backed by 500 Startups, which started as offline price discovery platform for mobile phones started online price comparison last year and planning to go aggressive into other categories as well.

Here’s Annkur P Agarwal’s take on few pointers.

How’s the traction & growth in terms of traffic, offline/online stores partnered with PriceBaba?

We currently see a traffic of more than 4 million visits monthly​ and we now have more than 1500 verified local stores in 11 cities live on the PriceBaba platform.

Which cities are you serving and what’s your expansion plan?Annkur

PriceBaba currently has its presence in 11 cities and we are keen on expanding​ across India in coming months​. The major metropolitan cities in which​ we are present is​ Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad. We are also going deeper in each city by bringing on-board more retailers & retail chains.

Are you planning to add more categories?

​​Yes, we do intend to expand into more categories now that we have a strong hold in mobile phones​. That would happen in Q3 this year. For the next few months, we would work on strengthening our team and deepen our offerings in the mobile space, post that we would make a aggressive push into new categories.

Why you integrated online price comparison?
We see as a neutral platform, thus any retailer online or offline is the same for us. We work for our end consumer. While it all started with local prices & we are very proud to lead that innovation in India, we gradually saw that people want online prices too. The trend accelerated with some manufacturers going online first or online exclusive (eg: Motorola, Xiaomi). This made us introspect and discover our commitment to the end user, irrespective of the retail format.

Some insight on online & offline price difference for mobile phones?​​
It is generally either flat with hardly any different, while some models are cheaper online and some cheaper offline. It is a very fragmented pricing. So there are no clear trends or user preferences. We expect the prices to be a mixed bag and we will continue to provide users with both options even going forward.

How you look at your competitors(name a few you name as your competitors)? ​
I think competition is a good signal. We are seeing a lot of price comparison sites now copying us and entering this space. We think that the market is large for several players. The leader in this space is JustDial and we believe we are competing with them. Another competition would be AskMe.

Other Price comparison sites like mysmartprice, 91mobiles also planning to move into offline price aggregation while having online price as well & Zopper backed by Tiger Global Hedge Funds turned into a hyperlocal marketplace from online price aggregator.

Price comparison space in India is on fire, Let’s wait who is leading and on what model.

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