Opera Neon, What all you Should Know About Opera’s Experimental Browser?


Opera is back with Opera Neon which is an experimental browser. It is based on the same engine as the Opera Browser.  Opera Neon completely takes on the way we use browsers these days. If we talk about the two odd decades then Internet has been a part of our lives but we didn’t realize that browser has not changed much.

Designing of Opera Neon

When it comes to the browser, Opera Neon has a radical design. It is transparent and you can see through your desktop. When you open the browser, you will see some too websites which appears as bubbles on the page. These are the websites that Opera wants to promote. You can open them by clicking on it, otherwise, you can open a new website with the help of an address bar. The page opens in the browser which shifts the bubbles to the left bar. You can view all the pages that are open on the right bar. It does not contain any tab. Using right bar, you can view the features of the browser such as tabs that are playing videos or music. If you want, you can leave these pages open in the background.

There are options that can support your browsing and make it easier like there is quick option to take screenshot and other button provide the facility to save the screenshot. There exist another button for downloads. At the bottom you will find settings menu which is very similar to Opera or Chrome.

What makes it different?

If compared to other browsers, Opera Neon has lesser real estate. It offers comparatively more space for the content than the other browser. It also make access to content easier such as applications running in the background. Other browsers also provide us this facility but they don’t make it easy to go back to the running application like music or video. Many of us are slaves of using dozens of tabs. That is why Opera Neon is more user friendly if we compare it to the other traditional browsers. Also, it is easy to see what is open in one glance. This is also helpful to get new notifications on the open pages.

opera neon browser

What is not good about Opera Neon?

Well, it is a concept browser and it is not a stable one. It can crash. If you are used to browser extensions then Opera Neon can pose problem for you as at any moment, it does not support. If you are planning to switch to Opera Neon then some features are not yet in such as discover which lets you read from multiple sources.

Concluding Thoughts

Without a doubt, Opera Neon is a very bold move especially the one out of the box thinking. It does not have enough features that attract powerful users. But surely, it can find favours from the users who likes to read and browse a lot. We expect that there is going to come more from Opera Neon that stables it.

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