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Lots of chatters are around about,
– Is SEO dead?
– How to do seo effectively?
– What are the on page seo factors and off page SEO factors?

Answers to the First one is a big NO, but for last two questions; answers are not so clear.

Let me jot down the on page SEO factors that you should be checking while launching any site or new pages on existing site. You can make a checklist of on page SEO factors and keep a regular close watch on this.

OnPage SEO Factor Checklist

KeyWord research – To use in URL, meta tags, content

Having keywords in URL, meta values and content provides a strong sense to search engine bots about the relevancy of page to the search term. Look at your business perspective, target audience and competitors & use Google keyword planner, google trends to get a list of target-able keywords, with some of the prefixes and suffixes to that keyword to make long tail keywords.

Now you have a list of main keywords using which you can finalize URL structure and using keywords & prefixes, suffixes write title, description and content. In content have keyword in first 100 words and keep keywords distributed across the content with out degrading the quality. Use keywords in h1(to be used once), h2( to be used twice/thrice) & h3(to be used 4-5 times) tags in same order of priority of keywords.

Fresh Content – Search Engines loves freshness

Check how you can make the content fresh more frequently for huge sites algorithms can work if you use correctly. If you have small site, have a blog and keep blogging.

Interlinking – The references to crawler & user as well

Believe me this on page SEO factor matters a lot. Make your pages more discoverable to search engine bots and to users too. Make a proper information architecture and internal link graph to link all your pages in context.

Site Speed – Makes easy to crawl for bots and easy to use for users

Most important on page technical SEO factor for mobile site and impacts web a lot too. If you ask me what load time is best? I’ll say can you load in time of blink of an eye? & Yes i mean it much faster is much better. keep using GTmetrix and Google page speed tool to check load time and improvement suggestions. Apart from the suggestions from the tools check your database structure and optimize it to return responses faster.

Social Share Buttons – Let everyone promote it

Social media passes a strong signal and adds credibility and users interest, which at the end search engines like. Have social media share buttons on pages places at appropriate 7 easy to share, What? Google+!!! yes go ahead and have that (on priority), everyone love their kids so does Google

Some one liner on page SEO tips

  • Spring LIS keywords throughout the content to make it more in context and relevant.
  • Make your pages more engaging, keep bounce rates low.
  • Optimize images, you can use keywords intelligently in alt & title tags
  • Use next/previous meta tags and rel tags on paginated pages
  • Use canonical tag on duplicate pages & pass value to the original page if you really can not remove duplicate pages for any reason.

This is a guest contribution by Ashish, he is reachable at twitter

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