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Not many months ago, we heard a privacy breach issue with regard to the famous image sharing app, Snapchat, which allows the user to send images, which would expire in a period of about 10 seconds, and cannot be viewed by the receiver afterwards. Such a facility was quite a temptation for the users of the app to send some compromising pictures of themselves, and this was done by most of the users.

Unfortunately, an application named ‘Snapsave’ was installed by users, which had the capability to save screenshots of the images shared, so that the receiver can view and share them in the future as well. And this is where the real trouble started. People continued to share compromising images of themselves, and the unauthorized app saved screenshots of the images, and as a result, thousands of nude images of celebrities were posted online, which created a severe controversy. Obviously, Snapchat officially said that use of such apps is against the terms of service.

Now a similar kind of issue has again emerged, and this time the issue relates to the popular real time messenger app, WhatsApp. The matter is that some users downloaded and installed an app, named as WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp+, which didn’t had any official affiliation with WhatsApp. The users required to uninstall WhatsApp before installing WhatsApp plus, which offered users with additional customized features such as additional size of the attachments and namelessness as well.

No spy Apps for Whats App

But now, WhatsApp has started operation against the app WhatsApp Plus, as they consider the app to be a serious security threat. The officials of WhatsApp released a statement, in which they explained that WhatsApp plus has no relation with WhatsApp, and they do not support WhatsApp Plus. As a result, WhatsApp has hindered the access to the WhatsApp plus service.

The officials of WhatsApp believe that there is a source code placed in WhatsApp Plus, which cannot be guaranteed as safe. The release by WhatsApp further explained that the private information of the users, who use WhatsApp Plus, is definitely at stake, as the private information of yours may be communicated to the third party apps, and you will never know about it.

Not only this that WhatsApp has started operation against WhatsApp plus, but the users who shifted to WhatsApp Plus, were also punished by WhatsApp. The punishment is a very cheeky one. All those users, who installed WhatsApp Plus, but now want to come back to the official WhatsApp application, will not be able to use WhatsApp for a period of 24 hours. WhatsApp recommends users to immediately uninstall WhatsApp Plus, and download and install WhatsApp from their official site or Google Play.

The action taken by WhatsApp against such a third party app, is certainly a great step for maintaining privacy of the users of the communication app. Many android spy apps are today in the market, which can be installed on the rooted mobiles, which continuously spy and gather data from the cell phone of the user, and forward it to the admin of the app, without the knowledge of the user. Such a strict action against third party apps is very crucial for maintaining the privacy of the users.


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