Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One S


The all new versatile and innovative Nintendo Switch that is all geared up to take the market of gaming consoles by storm, will be releasing on March 3 but whether it will be embedded with enough power and features to dethrone the giant Xbox one s, is still to be seen. One thing that is certainly going in favour of Nintendo switch is its versatility as because it’s usage is not confined only to the living rooms and can also be used on the go.

Major Difference – Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One S

One of the major highlighting features of Nintendo switch is its capability to switch between TV and a wireless gamepad.

You can place the tablet-esque console on a dock and use it through your TV, attach controllers to the sides of it and use it as a handheld system. The heart of the Switch lies in its Joy-Con controllers, which allow for motion controls, can be used sideways as mini-controllers.

Whereas on the other hand, Xbox one S is a traditional backward compatible gaming console,more favoured to be used in living rooms.

Gaming Library – Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One S

On its release on March 3, games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey,ARMS and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available for the users.

Nintendo Switch is expected to get a handful of third-party games including Minecraft, FIFA and Skyrim.
Xbox One S on the other hand have their own share of compelling exclusives like Gears of War, Halo and Forza franchises which might just be the dealbreaker for you.

Hardware – Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One S

The Nintendo switch will feature a 6.2 inch display screen,one that will be capable of 4K Ultra HD video playback and will be having 720p resolution when portable and 1080p when not. Xbox one S, on the other hand will be packing a powerful AMD Radeon graphics cards and 8GB of RAM (the Switch reportedly has 4GB). The system will start with 500GB of storage, which you can expand with external hard drives.

Xbox one S also allows you to take screenshots, capture videos and broadcast live.


The Nintendo switch will retail for £279.99 which is slightly more than expected. Also in US the prices will be a bit high than expectations and will retail for $299.99.

In order to buy the accessory some extra amount is also required to be paid.
The Xbox one S are available at a much cheaper price of $299 alongwith a game intact and sometimes you can often find them for less than their retail price.

Last Say

In terms of specs,entertainment value and price affair, Xbox One S appears to be more powerful than the switch and certainly also has widest range of games with the best of graphics.

Although, in case you need a gaming console that could play the latest installments of Zelda, Mario both in your living room and on the go, then should just opt for Nintendo Switch.

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