Nintendo Switch v/s PS4


Nintendo Switch is expected to hit the market on 3rd March. It is a console contender of Nintendo. With the help of the arrival of Switch, Japanese video games giant will be trying the it best to get back on the track. But what may effect their growth is PS4. PS4 is a Song machine that already holds a strong reputation in the market. If we come to the comparison of the two, then these points should be taken into consideration:

Performance – Nintendo Switch vs PS4

The Nintendo Switch delivers 1 Tflop performance. This shows that Nintendo Switch has lower speed of processing than PS4. What benefits Nintendo Switch is Maxwell-architecture tegra chip which is used for graphics. But this is not going to match PS4 as it has Pascal-based 16nm process.

Resolution – Nintendo Switch vs PS4

PS4 omit 4K resolution but Nintendo Switch fails to do so.This makes PS4 more feasible whereas Nintendo Switch gives 1080p as the maximum resolution. But the reason that Japanese company states for this is that they are less bother about the market trends like 4K resolution. But they are more interested in making the gamers having innovative experience.

Portable Screen – Nintendo Switch vs PS4

One of the very interesting feature exhibited by Nintendo Switch is its portable screen. It is a device which is suitable for both kind of people and places- home and the other is handheld markets. This is a great advantage to Nintendo and makes it stand in the market. Coming to PS4, it does not exhibit the same feature.

Software – Nintendo Switch vs PS4

What is the most significant comparison between the two is software. Sony has its link with the every mainstream developer and this is the reason why PS4 is benefited with many softwares. But some major developers had announced that they will develop and produce the titles for Nintendo. There lies a tough competition between the two.

Headset and JoyCon control – Nintendo Switch vs PS4

Sony has already released the PlayStation VR headset which are available in the stores. The virtual reality is a strong part of PS4. Users have a positive as well as a strong response. Nintendo tried JoyCon control system but faces a challenge due to the lack of power of machine.


The targeted group of Nintendo is as always families. Even now, Nintendo targets the affordable people. What makes Nintendo Switch a competitive console is its retail price that is $299. But PS4 costs $399.


Different demographics are targeted in different ways by Nintendo Switch as well as PS4. Nintendo provides the family-friendly features but Sony shows PS4 as a hardcore gaming machine. Nintendo Switch is a little cheaper than PS4.

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