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mSpy Review – Reliable Cell Phone Spy Software

mSpy Review – Reliable Cell Phone Spy Software

mSpy is a very popular & efficient enough cell phone spy software. It can easily gather a wide variety of data from any mobile phone you use. This is a very sophisticated spyware for mobile phones. Actually, this app takes advantage of the same mobile phone spying technology which is utilized by law enforcement or government agencies all around the globe. mSpy Mobile Phone Spy App is supported by almost every smartphone. The best part is that this app runs invisibly in the background. As a result, it does not affect the performance of your smartphone in any way. Moreover, it does not interfere with others apps. Basically, you won’t even know that the app is there and running.

How Does mSpy Mobile Phone Spy App Work?

First of all, install  mSpy to your compatible smartphone you wish to monitor. mSpy will upload your smartphone’s Internet capabilities, logs, recorded activities and GPS locations to its Spy account. You can easily view the results by logging in to your account. Everything will be sorted out in your account and everything will be displayed categorically. This allows easy browsing through the data. This software is completely invisible and works independently.

mSpy Mobile Phone Spy App allows you to easily track all kinds of activities on the target smartphone. This app is most popular among parents and employers. It is very easy to install and use. You can easily access the data from Live Control Panel.

Unlike other apps in the same category, this cell phone spy software is supported by various platforms. Some of the major platforms supported by this app are as follows :

  • Android
  • iOS
  • BlackBerry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
Call Logs mSpy Smartphone Tracking app, software

Call Logs mSpy

Specifications and Features of mSpy

Call log

The best thing about mSpy is that it can easily gather outgoing, incoming and missed calls on the target mobile phone. It also sends the server info about the caller/calling MSISDN, call duration and time stamp. However, this feature is included in almost every Spy app.

SMS & Email

Like calls, mSpy can also gather outgoing and incoming SMSs on mobile phones. mSpy also gathers outgoing and incoming emails on the mobile phone.


mSpy is popular as it also gathers contacts from your address book. This keeps your contact list organized.

Photos & Videos

mSpy can also gather camera shots from your phone. This prohibits any unethical use of the camera. Unlike other spy apps, mSpy gathers video recordings from the target phone. This helps to monitor what is being recorded through the phone.


This app also gathers recordings from default microphone on your smartphone.


mSpy Mobile Phone Spy App is effective because of such special features. It gathers location of the target phone by using the phone’s GPS. Location data can be easily renewed according to configuration settings.

Notes & Schedules

Gathers notes, tasks, events & notifications from target phone.

Log Panel mSpy Smartphone Tracking app, software

Log Panel mSpy

Additional Features and Specifications

Above mentioned were basic features of mSpy Mobile Phone Spy App. Let us also tell you about some additional features which explain why this app is better than other apps in the market.

Wipe phone data

Unlike other Spy apps, mSpy allows you to wipe out all personal data from the target phone including SMS, contacts, videos, photos, call logs, events, emails etc. You can easily wipe everything out by using Commands Screen in Logs panel. You will have to give the command ‘wipe personal data’. It will trigger the above mentioned action on your phone’s app using modified API. This command also has a status indicator which tells you if the command has been received and performed.

Block\Unblock Application

Using this feature, you can easily block or unblock any app on the target phone. With this feature, mSpy is better than most apps in the market. The lock screen appears when you use this feature. You can easily block or unblock using the Commands screen.

Phone Remote Lock\Unlock (by time)

This is a unique feature in this app. It allows a user to lock any action on the phone for a particular time or forever. Locking and Unlocking can be easily performed from the Commands screen.

Websites Blocking & Browser History

With mSpy app, you can easily block certain website from opening on your phone’s browser. You can also view the target phone’s browser history. The last 100 visited pages can be viewed. You can even view new history events etc.

Additional Info (Battery, Internet Connection, etc.)

mSpy allows a user to check additional information about a mobile phone including battery status, FS status etc.

SIM Card Change Alert (using IMSI)

It also tells a user if an existing SIM card has been changed.

Skype & Whats App

mSpy allows you to track Skype chats and calls. However, it does not record these calls. It also allows you to track chats via WhatsApp iPhone App.

Calls Recording (Android)

Allows recording of calls, with option to record any call or to record calls from\to specified numbers.

Incoming Calls restrictions

It allows a user to restrict calls from predefined unwanted numbers.

Why Should You Choose mSpy

If you are looking to use a high end cell phone spy software with features like call recording, call interception etc, you should buy mSpy Mobile Phone Spy App. This app is affordable and includes all the features that you expect from a cell phone spy software.

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