LG G6 Review ( Actually Preview)


Owing to the YouTube video posted by LG in January, the LG G6 smartphone company certainly raised curiosity among the audience for its latest release-LG G6. The smartphone (LG G6) is expected to come with a big screen, splendid camera and a reliable waterproof body, atleast that’s what the newly released video suggest.

Release Date

There is certainly no fixed pattern as to how LG launches its new smartphones. Predicting a good date for the release of LG can thus be difficult.

Although, Mobile World Congress will run from February 27 to March 2 and therefore LG might just release its new piece of technology on Sunday, February 26 just the way it did last year.


LG G5 on its release crossed all boundaries in terms of design and screen as it featured a 1440p QHD display which was much better than what was seen on One Plus 3 and iPhone 7.

LG G6 on its release will be looking to take design on an another level. As reports suggest, LG G6 might just feature a 4K display and will also be heading towards a glass display with a bit of metal present in its rear.


In terms of processor, LG G6 might just not impress many,as it will be using the old Snapdragon 821 chipset which is less powerful than Snapdragon 835, now backed by Samsung.


There isn’t much speculations made so far about the camera specs of LG G6. Although LG G5 raked in amazing features on its release. It consisted of a powerful dual camera,one of which was the 16 MP shooter while the other was a 8MP sensor. There is every reason for LG G6 to possess better camera features than LG G5 and to deliver even better photographs.

Battery Life

With coming of Android 7.0 Nougat, battery life is expected to last for more amount of time. Although if LG G6 upgrades to 4K display, battery life could certainly receive a massive hit.

One of the major upgrades anticipated in LG G6 is wireless charging. With a wireless Consortium QI charging standard, the phone is expected to get fully charged within an hour or so wirelessly.

LG G6 Price

LG G4 on its release was priced at £450 whereas LG G5 was priced at £529. Similar trends suggest that as LG G6 will be roping in some cool features, it is expected to be priced at approximately £575.

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