Is iPhone X the Best iPhone Ever?


iPhone X, with an attractive new outline and a horde of latest features, is beyond any doubt to make an impression on everyone.
Will it be justified to wait for so long? Let us discover.

All Glass Design

The iPhone X is light, yet it is more substantial than the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7. It feels fantastic in hand; it is thin, productively designed, stunning to look and hold. In spite of the slippery aluminium, back it now has all-glass back.

It has a 5.8-inch OLED screen display with deep, inky blacks and colors that look incredibly energetic. The home button is not seen now, for accessing the home screen, just swipe up and draw down to locate the control center that is used to open from the bottom to up swipe. Swiping left, you get the notifications, and by swiping right, you can access the camera.

Second to Market, But More Refined

Many of the Apple’s features are similar to those other smartphones already launched in the market. However, does it make a difference? Apple just does it the most appropriate way.

The Galaxy S8 has an unlock feature which uses iris and face recognition, which is very fast. Nevertheless, infrared cameras and programming that guide the shapes of your face continuously make Apple’s execution substantially more secure (and also more unpredictable and harder to do) and works even in dark lighting conditions.

Wireless charging is another component clients will welcome, and it is long due. Android phones have had this element for quite a long time and seen it enhance relentlessly. It enables a client to watch various gadgets charging at different speeds at the same time. Is Apple improving or merely doing it another way? It is further equipped with Apple-designed A11 Bionic chip which enhances its performance.

iPhone X vs the Compitition

The new iPhone is the least bezel smartphone available. With a 5.8-inch screen and new OS places an extraordinary impact. Compared to iPhone 7, the iPhone X is a unique gadget.

The resolution, fortunately, has been updated from the iPhone 7 to 2436 x 1125 with the new Super Retina HD display. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has is named the best display available – and now Apple is utilizing a similar innovation in its iPhone.
The screen is 18:9 which will not fit a standard 16:9 configuration of the movie in the device.

The considerable change to the iPhone this year is the loss of Touch ID with a specific end goal to clear a path for Face ID, the capacity to open your Smartphone just by looking at the device.

The camera on the back is placed vertically, which means that Apple needs you to hold it in horizontal mode. This is likewise by the front True Depth camera, which takes up so much space and is required for Face ID as well.

The battery life of the iPhone X is increased, with two hours more power than the iPhone 7 and that ought to be a genuine help given all the battery-sapping highlights. You can even get a quick charger using a USB-C link.


• Elegant 5.8-inch OLED screen
• Fast Face ID
• Excellent edge-to-edge plan


• Expensive
• Lesser durable Glass back

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