Huawei Honor 6X Review


Running high on the success of Honor 5X, Huawei e-commerce brand Honor launched their latest Android smartphone at the price of $250. The smartphone boasts of two days of battery life and a powerful dual camera. But whether the phone is worth its price? We will check it out in our review.

Honor 6x Specs

The smartphone features a display of size 5.5 inch having resolution of 1920×1080 covering approximately 3-4th of the display.

The smartphone is available in 3GB RAM with 32GB of storage and 4GB RAM with 64GB of storage. There is a massive battery of 3340 mAh and an Android 6.0 with marshmallow.

The phone is first in the price range to feature a dual camera,one is the main 12MP camera and other is the 2MP sensor on the back side. Also there is a front facing selfie camera of 8MP.

Honor 6X Hardware

The phone surprisingly has a very good build quality at this price range as it is made of aluminum with small pieces of plastic present on top and bottom of the backside of it. Although the phone has got some size to it but it feels pretty light and easy with its curved edges. On the right side of Honor 6X are positioned the volume rocker and power button whereas the left side features the SIM card slot which also has the microSD slot. On top of the phone is present a 3.5 mm headphone jack and in the bottom is present a USB type C port.

Honor 6X Display

The phone features a IPS display where the colors appear bright and vibrant but the viewing angles turn out to be pretty ordinary. The phone has a good brightness which makes looking on the phone easier during sunlight,however it doesn’t get as much dim as you would like.

Auto brightness works pretty fine and adjusts itself nicely to the conditions of the surrounding. Also the phone allows you to toggle the blue light while you are using the device at night.

Honor 6X Camera

The pictures taken by the rear 12MP shooter were mostly good and didn’t distort at all with fast capturing. At first the camera might not appeal to many users but it certainly performs well. Even in low lighting conditions, the camera was able h capture some stellar images.

The extra provided 2MP sensor help provides in depth information in the images.

Honor 6X Battery

As mentioned earlier, Huawei boasted about its incredible battery life that was capable of lasting for around two days. In our testing,we found the statement to be genuinely true. Obviously,the battery life for a smartphone depends on the kind of usage done on it but on an average the phone lasted easily for around 1.5-2 days.

The phone is not provided with a Qualcomm chipset and hence is not capable of fast charging. The phone can take from 2-3 hours to complete fill its meter. But the time taken is actually worth it since it lasts for a really long time.

Honor 6X Performance

On day to day usage,the phone consumed less power which owns for its high battery life. While playing casual games like Mini militia,Clash of clans,the phone didn’t encounter any kind of lags. However it did encounter a few performance issues while playing heavy games like N.O.V.A,Call of Duty-Black Ops 3, CP 5.

The performance of the phone remained quite decent as it didn’t heat up at all even on usage for more than 5-6 hours.

For benchmarking test,on AnTuTu, Honor 6X scored a 56,813 while in 3D mark, it scored 371.

Final Say

Honor is certainly a brand to go for. Just the day Huawei 5x impressed masses and critics alike, Huawei Honor 6x, despite its weakness in few areas is surely to be a hit. For people who aren’t crazy for big Android games and like using their phone for long on the go, Honor 5x available at $250 can be a good choice.

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