How to Switch Web Hosting?


Web Hosting is an important asset for building a website. It is important that your site remains live all day and night since you would never like to lose your users. Also having downtime of several minutes can cause a severe setback to website reputation and makes it appear unreliable. Ideally if there were no kind of downtime, costs would have remained low and storage space would never had caused a problem then there was no need to look for a new web hosting provider, but unfortunately as these situations do occur, getting a new web host becomes very important.

For switching to a new web host, following steps should be followed.

Get a New Web Hosting Provider​

There are thousands of web host available, each with their own configuration. You need to select which web hosts suits you best depending on a number of factors like web costs, traffic, server configuration, storage etc. By choosing a new web host, you should look for getting a no downtime or something close to zero downtime. Also take care of assets that you need to remedy to restore your site to being fully functional.​

Get Backup of the latest version of your sites

Next,transfer all of your data files directly to the new web host. But in case your web host does not provides easy transfer functionality, then MySQL files need to be configured accordingly. The web apps that are currently being installed on the existing web host, needs to be installed again on the new web host and then it is important to move the database file to the new host.

Set up email addresses

If you are using your web hosting for your emails, make sure you configure all the email addresses with the new hosting provider. And make sure to get backup of all your emails before discontinuing with your old web hosting account.

Make a last check

Once you have moved all your files to the new web host,make sure that you are not facing any kind of difficulty/problems with the services of the new web host and if you are, then report then and there.​

Transfer Website DNS Records

Make sure that you move all your DNS records to the new web host configuration. Switching of DNS can take from two-three hours to a complete day. Typically this happens in 30 minutes.

Great you’re now on your new web hosting!!!

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