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How to Choose Email Marketing Service?

Digital Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way to reach your audience and to connect with people. It is also more powerful and vibrant than social media for expanding our business and getting the right type of customers. Apart from direct mail, TV, radio etc email marketing is another big way to market your small or big business and is also much more cost effective.
But you could be missing on New customers, if your business hasn’t tapped into email marketing yet. Here we mention some of the important things that should be taken into consideration before choosing an email marketing service.

What are you looking for?

Firstly you need to determine what you and your company is looking for. Having a clear goal in mind will surely help you choose the right type of email marketing solution. For example if your company is the one that hosts meetings, parties and other events then you might opt for a provider like MailChimp.

How much will it cost?

Money can be the deciding factor for choosing any email marketing service. Before you get in touch with your potential clients and start sending them emails, you need to determine costs. The costs generally range from $10 to $15 per month for 500-550 contacts and $16 to $40 per month for 2,500-3000 contacts.

What would you like to send them?

Ideally, an email service provider should be the one that not only helps you in sending your emails but also lets you to customize your content.
You need to make sure whether you’ll be delivering the same mail to everyone on your list or will be personalising the email for private users.

Do I need to take help of social media for encouragement of my campaigns?

Social media can be a big platform to boost your marketing and if your clients are impressed by your strategies that you conveyed to them via email, then they might end up disclosing in front of their several social networks.

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