How to Choose a Laptop Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling pad is an external appliance that is used to cool the laptop. The laptop cooling pad is generally placed at the bottom of the laptop and the fan is powered by the USB port of the laptop. The fan ensures the circulation of cold and fresh air into the laptop which cools down the processor and other useful components.

While buying a laptop cooling pad, one should consider the following tips. These tips will help the customer to find the best cooling pad for his laptop.


The size of the laptop cooling pad plays an important role. The size of the cooling pad should be according to the screen size of the laptop. Also the fan should be well designed so that it consumes very less power from the laptop and does not affect its battery life much.


The design of the laptop cooling pad is also an important issue. The positioning of the fan should be accurate. The fan should be located exactly below the air vents of the laptops so that they blow fresh air into the laptop. One should only buy those cooling pads which are compatible with his machine. The person should prefer the metal cooling pads over the plastic cooling pads. The metal cooling pads are much reliable and efficient as compared to the plastic ones. There should be vents in the cooling pad to prevent it from overheating.


The speed of the fan is also an important issue to consider. The speed should be automatically adjusted by the cooling pad according to the requirements. This enables the cooling pad to work efficiently in different needs. Like while gaming, the cooling pad should increase the fan speed to dissimulate the heat effectively.


The cost of the cooling pad is also an important criteria. The cooling pad should be priced effectively to attract various customers. Also the price of the cooling pad should completely justify its features and specifications. Generally the cooling pads are priced in the range of $20 to $60.

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