Google’s Pixel Buds Vs Apple’s Airpods: Which Sounds Great


With announcement of Google Pixel Buds Google added another product in their list.
With these new earbuds will Google give taught competition to Apple’s AirPods ? Lets try to find the answer by quick comparison.


Google pixel buds have weight of 14 grams. Even if earbuds are wireless, the Google attached the cable that stretches across both earbuds. This cable can be adjusted to make sure earbuds fits properly in ear, preventing them from falling out during use. When you are done using them,you can pull the cable tight or leave as it is. The touchpad on the right earbud provides touch control. Google Pixel Buds comes with cloth covered battery.

Unlike Google pixel buds Apple’s AirPods are purely wireless. AirPods fits perfectly in the ear, but if you still face fitting problem then you do not have cable to save, like one in Google’s Pixel Buds. The Apple’s AirPods comes with compact case that fits in a pocket easily. The great feature is that, the case charges your AirPods too. It means you do not need to worry about discharging as charger is always with you.


The Google introduced Fast Pair feature in Pixel buds that is similar to auto pairing feature in AirPods.
This feature requires phone running Android 7.0 or higher. We can also use them with other phones with Google Assistant features working on any Assistant-Enabled Android device. Some features like Language Translation are only available while using with pixel phone.

As soon as Apple’s AirPods taken out of charging case, they can easily be connected to the iOS device. In absence of the iOS device they can be connected using Bluetooth and be paired with other devices.
When you open AirPods for the first time, a prompt appears asking for you to connect with your iPhone.
AirPods have Apple’s W1 chip which makes the pairing easier.


You can use Google’s Pixel Buds as headphones with phones having Android 5.0 or higher or iOS 10.0 or higher. But to use with Google Assistant features you need Assistant-Enabled device with Android 6.0 or higher. Google Translate feature only works with Pixel or Pixel 2.

AirPods can be used only with Apple’s products,so there is nothing here for others. AirPods works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models with iOS 10 or later. You can also use them with some Apple watch models and Mac models.


Pixel Buds comes with a gesture control on the right ear. You can tap to start and pause music, double tap to read out notifications, swipe across them to adjust volume.

No such gesture control is included in AirPods. AirPods rely on double tap which activate Siri to perform functions.

Sound Quality

Google has yet to prove their product’s sound quality. We cannot make any statement as user reviews are still to come. This is big challenge for Google Pixel Buds to provide exceptional sound quality like Apple AirPods.

Being the market from long time Apple’s AirPods has proved that it is not easy to beat them in sound quality. The user feedbacks are good and sound quality is exceptional.


Google Pixel Buds comes with a 120 mAH battery, which is almost double than Apple’s AirPods. The charge case is of 620 mAh. The company claims that, the battery lasts up to 5 hours of listening time with just one charge. Charging case holds multiple charges, so you can get up to 24 hours of listening time for when you’re on the go.

Similar to Google’s Pixel Buds AirPods claims 5 hour of battery life. Airpods have quick charge feature which gives 3 hours of listing time in 15 minutes of charge.


Google Pixel buds are announced with pricetag of $159 same as that of Apple’s AirPods. As product currently not available for purchase we cannot check whether it deserves this price or not.

As AirPods has already established themselves as a quality product this segment, hence price is quite acceptable.

Final Words

As both products are from reputed companies we can expect good build quality, even if Google’s Pixel Buds not available yet. The major issue is support. Even if having good features and quality Apple’s AirPods only compatible with Apple’s products.
The Google’s Pixel Bud supports more number devices and as Android is most used operating system, this may help the company to grab the market. But sound quality must be exceptional to compete with Apple’s AirPods.

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