Best Weather Apps for Android


Despite of the season, knowing about the weather forecast is quite necessary to make sure that you don’t move out of the house wearing shorts when it is drizzling or when it is little windy. Fortunately, there are various weather android apps that you can actually keep on your Android devices. Let’s have a glance at some of the best weather apps for Android.

best android weather apps

Weather Underground (Free):
This app is considered to be the best for getting caught up. This weather app is believed to generate a more modified experience, modified to your instantaneous location; the users can also provide the latest updates as how is the weather in their locality, rather than trusting on other sources. The interface is extremely detailed and displays each and everything you might ask for on one useful and convenient useful page.

The Weather Channel (Free):
Weather Channel is quite apt for world weather news. This is actually the go-to weather application for numerous Android users with most accurate and up-to-date weather information. It incorporates hourly, 36-hour and 10-day forecast alternatives along with the normal extent of weather conditions such as wind speed, UV index, humidity, visibility, pressure and dew point. It is very easy to use and spontaneous, though it does not consist of all essential information on one page just like other apps do.

WeatherPro (Paid):
This android weather app is an appealing functional app along with a pleasant interface and almost all the specifications one might ask for. It includes an extensive variety of weather charts, daily forecasts, radar and lot more. It is a flawlessly decent paid app for Android users. On the other hand, there are certain services the app makes it compulsory for you to pay some premium to use.

Yahoo! Weather (Free):
It is the in top 3 weather app on android. No wonder, this weather app is quite decent. It has been updated recently and at present it touts an innovative and professional interface. Yes, it is much better than before. Lots of improvements have been done such as features like daily forecasts, precipitation, maps, sun and moon phases and wind and pressure has been added. It is not too much unusual as it used to be, but yes it is much better now.

With fall forthcoming, it is the best time to make sure that you encompass the most accurate weather information standing by. There are plethoras of alternatives for Android: widgets, Google Now and persistent notifications for opening an app.

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