Best Selfie Sticks


Selfie sticks are of a growing trend today. The selfie basically acts as an arm extender or monopod to take a selfie. A selfie is taken by positioning the smartphone or the camera on the other end of the selfie stick. These sticks are generally extensible. This means that we can take wider shots by extending the selfie stick. The selfie sticks come with their own mechanism to click a photograph. Some use the remote controls that are Bluetooth enabled. The selfie sticks come with a mirror behind the camera to properly align one’s photograph.
There are various selfie sticks available in the market, the best 3 of them are enlisted below:

Extension Pole – Pov Telescoping Aluminium Extender Selfie Stick

Extension Pole – pov telescoping aluminium extender selfie stick - Best Selfie Stick

This is one of the most popular selfie sticks available in the market. The selfie stick is aluminium made and is very durable. The stick is built with three sections that enables us to stretch the selfie stick from as short as 16 inches to length of 36 inches. The angle of the camera or the smartphone can also be adjusted in this stick to take the properly aligned photographs or selfie.

Optikal Selfiepal Wireless Bluetooth Remote Shutter Stick

Optikal Selfiepal Wireless Bluetooth Remote Shutter Stick - Best Selfie Sticks

This selfie stick is designed to hold our camera firmly and strongly. The selfie stick is very lightweight and easy to use one. The pivoting action on this selfie stick enables us to take the selfie with precision and focussed. The rubber strap on the handle provides good grip to the person holding the stick. This rubber strap can be removed in order to fit into the requirements. Like all the other sticks this stick also captures the images with a Bluetooth remote.

Innogear Selfie Stick

Innogear Selfie Stick - Best Selfie Stick

This is one of the most advance stick available in the market. This selfie stick is compatible with both the apple and Android devices. The Bluetooth device uses the application to control the shot. The length of the stick can be extended by just pressing a button. This selfie stick is available in a variety of color options which gives it a trendy look.

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