Best Bezel Less Phones – We’re moving towards an All Screen Phone!

Ulefone Future Bezel less phone

Samsung is curving the screen and other smartphone manufacturers also reducing bezel around the screen and launching bezel less phones. It seems we’re moving towards all screen phones. Below we’ve curated top 5 bezel less screen phones.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Xiaomi mi mix - bizel less phone

Xiaomi Mi Mix will get you excited with all its non-existent bezels. It is an answer to those who criticized the mobile innovation at Xiaomi and said it is dead. The OLEF Screen of Mi Mix 6.4″ sounds enormous. It has round corners with dimensions 1080×2040 OLED screen. There is no top or side bezels and that is why it is bigger than a Samsung S7 Edge. Coming to the ratio of phone to screen then we come to the conclusion that there is a 90% of usable area that was the very first time. There is also a difference in the weight of S7 edge and Mi Mix. Mi Mix weighing a hefty 210 grams.

Ulefone Future

Ulefone Future Bezel less phone

No denies that Ulefone Future has borrowed its looking features from iPhone. But a further step that Ulefone Future has taken was bezel less screen. Ulefone Future is probably the best bezel less phone. Bezel less feature of the phone makes it looks like nothing short of cutting edge-less. There are some impressive features such as side-placed fingerprint reader and hardware specifications.

ZTE Nubia – My Prague

Nubia my prague bezel less screen Nubia came back again with an amazing bezel-free features. ‘My Prague’ which is a latest offering smartphone of Nubia provides full HD AMOLED screen measuring in with a whopping 424 PPI. The bezel less screen makes the stunning look og this smartphone as it does not curve all along the screen.

Elephone S3

Elephone S3 Bezel Less Phone

Last year, Elephone stormed into the markets and now offers the two bezel less smartphone. Elephone S3 which is a latest smartphone offered by Elephone. It offers the features of full UK 4G support and also the full HD screen which is edge-less aka; bezel less and curves around the edges of the phone. Although, it is not offering the latest MediaTek CPU which is helpful in day-to-day use. Instead, it offers Octo-core CPU which handle most of the tasks easily. It is a good option for the budget friendly mobile user and also for those who does not want to compromise on style.

ZTE Nubia Z9

Nubia z9 bezel less screen

What makes this phone a very sexy looking smartphone is the combination of curved glass edges and display which is almost borderless. With the glass sandwich design and beautiful IPS display, ZTE Nubia Z9 gets a premium look. What makes this phone more impressive? The answer is photography capabilities and the glowing halo home button.

You might be wondering that why it is taking so long for the manufactures to produce budget variants smartphones with bezel-less screen? Firstly, the main aspects are costs and research for bezel-less technology. Samsung has a lot of money, research and resources that they can create new technologies. But small parties manufacturers depends on the third party for all this. The another reason is that after removing the smartphone screen bezel completely, you have to overcome another set of problems. If you have a phone with a bezel then there is no problem in gripping the edges while holding a phone. The reason is an area on no-touch at the sides of the mobile screen. But there will be extra touches on the bezel less smart phone. This will lead to the creation of the software which can identify the difference between holding a phone or using a phone.

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