Amazon Sendy Review : An Affordable Email Marketing tool


Amazon Sendy is affordable email marketing platform which mainly targets masses. Self hosted Sendy will let you send bulk emails, newsletters or transactional emails to your lists for a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Sendy requires hosting space (domain or subdomain, mySQL database) as well as Amazon AWS SES account. Sendy is very much affordable as compared to other Email Marketing platforms such as AWeber, Mainchimp,Constant Contact. Even if being inexpensive Sendy uses Amazon SES which provide high reliability.
So, lets analyse Sendy by each point of view.


You install Sendy you need Self Hosted web acccount. The emails will be sent through an email sending service. You can plug it with your own web host to send emails or you can get a third party SMTP server to deliver the emails. The installation and integration of Sendy is little bit longer.

Setting up Sendy will take a few more steps than starting your average email newsletter. You’ll need to edit a config.php file, upload Sendy to your server, and connect it to your Amazon SES account. And, you’ll need to request Amazon to increase your SES sending limit, so you can send more than 200 emails per day. With that done, you can start building your email lists.


Email Marketing

You can send marketing emails from a self-hosted app using Amazon SES.

Works with Multiple brands

You can manage emails for multiple brands or products in one account, with client access.

Manage subscribers

You can manage and import subscribers easily, with custom fields to gather any data you want. Setting up subscriber forms with Sendy is quick and easy as well.

You can not only add custom fields but it will also provide you with pass through URLs and embed codes for sign up forms. So, you can quickly and easily add more subscribers to your mailing list.You can have multiple subscribers list. Also there are multiple option to add new subscribers Eg.By using API or a Subscribe Form.

Statistics and reports

Sendy provide statistics on the open, click, and bounce rates of each email.It also provides reports of subscribed, unsubscribed or pending confirmation. Sendy allows you to enable or disable double opt-in so you can choose whichever option you prefer.

Newsletter Designing

Sendy has WYSIWYG editor to build out content rich newsletters. You can use HTML, images and predefined templates to design newsletters.


You can also easily configure autoresponders to specific users so that you can stay in touch automatically with them. Sendy allows you to create drip campaigns to follow up with your subscribers, send an email annually or one off emails at a specific date. So you can schedule emails by specific parameters.


$59 one-time price to install Sendy on your own server.
Emails cost $0.10 per 1,000 messages sent via Amazon SES.

Pros and cons

1.Low cost autoresponder than other products.
2.Send emails for just 10 cent for every 1,000 emails from Amazon SES. 3.Self hosted email software with ability to resell your service to clients.
4.No restrictions for adding users since you own the software.
5.Emails delivered by Amazon’s servers. 6.Performance is good.
7.Detailed reports and stats.

1.Installation is little bit harder.Need a lot of technical skills to setup the software.
2.No direct support like phone support, you need to get support from community forums.
3.Lack of visual editor for email forms and templates.
4.Self hosting and amazon SES account is required

Final Words

We can say amazon Sendy is excellent value for money solution for email marketing. The features provided in this low cost are exceptional. But we cannot compare it directly with other email marketing platforms. Because it is only front end of service we buy as it requires self hosted account and amazon SES which performs actual tasks. Still it lacks of some features as noted in cons.

If you can survive without phone support, template, visual editor then Sendy is highly recommended. The usability, speed and reliability are plus points. Only if feature you require is not present in Sendy then avoid it,Otherwise no big reason to reject this software.

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