A Simple MOT Check


Passing the annual MOT test should be a big deal if you take good care of your car, however a vast number of vehicles fail their MOT due to plain things like empty windscreen washers, dim headlights tyre tread bellow the minimum etc. Failing a MOT is not a very big deal, since you can retake a partial MOT test only for the failed items, but you might have to pay additional fees for certain parts.

Don’t waste extra time and money and check your vehicle before you take it to the testing.

It will only take you as much as ten minutes, and requires not much effort.
In case you notice a problem you can’t diagnose on your own, it’s best if you take your car to a professional car service to do it for you. If there are any faults get them fixed in order to pass the MOT and fulfil the roadworthiness standards.


Here’s a quick checklist of items to inspect before the test?

Headlights and Indicators

Check all of your car’s lights. The headlights, sidelights, rear lights, the indicators and the hazard lights. You can ask a friend or a family member to help you while you’re inside turning the lights on and off, so you will save time on the task or use a reflective surface for the same effect.

Number plate

Look at your number plate and make sure it’s clean and readable. Wipe it with a cloth while you’re at it.

Wheels and tyres

Inspect your wheels and tyres for any damage. The minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm and all the tyres with less tyre depth will be a reason for a failure, however most manufacturers and professional mechanics would advise you to change your tyres when the tread reaches 3 mm. Rotate your tyres every six months so you’ll reduce uneven tyre wear and increase the tyre’s longevity.

Seats and seatbelts

Make sure that the seat’s adjusting mechanism is in function and that the seatbelts are in a good condition. Tug your seatbelts to check that they’re reacting the way they’re supposed to in cases of severe braking. Your seatbelts can save your life if a car crash occurs, but in order to do this they should be functioning properly.

Windscreen and Windscreen wipers

Start by checking if your washer tank is full and works properly. Look at the wiper blades to see if the rubber surface is cracked and damaged. The most important thing in this area is your wind shield, check for chips and cracks. The most important wind shield zone is the Zone A or the driver’s viewing field. The cracks in this area must not be larger than 10mm in diameter. The Zone B is the swept area, or the range where your wipers operate. In this area the cracks should not be bigger than 40mm in diameter. Most insurance programs cover wind shield replacement so if the damage on your wind shield surpasses the allowed dimensions get it repaired at a professional car service, or replace it for a new one.


Blast your horn to check if it’s working. In case it doesn’t you’ll have to repair it or replace it so you can pass the MOT

Fuel and engine oil

Don’t forget the fuel and oil levels. You can fail a MOT test without the appropriate levels of car fluids. This is required so the testers can test your car’s emission levels.

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