5 Steps to Choosing the Right Headphones Online


Headphones are a necessary part of today’s life. They allow us to escape into our own world—whether it’s to study, meditate, or provide enjoyment. They can literally let us study or play in nearly any type of setting, without disturbing the people surrounding us. But choosing the right headphones online is important, as nothing is worse than headphones that don’t sound right, or that slip off our heads.

Here are 5 steps to choosing the right earphones with mic online.

choose best earphones

1. Consider the purpose of the headphones

If you’re going to be listening to classical music, you may wish to purchase the best headphones that can give every nuance in the music, rather than if you’re simply going to buy headphones to listen to tutorials or audio books. You’ll also need ones where you can hear your caller on the other end, and that they can clearly hear you when you use the mic.

2. Compare specifications

Frequency response is defined as the range of bass, mids, and trebles. Generally, most earphones with mic have a 20 to 20,000 Hz response. The first number is for the bass end, and the second is for the treble end. There may be some headphones sold at a higher range, such as 5 to 33,000 Hz, but they will cost more anything below 20 or above 20,000 may not necessarily be audible to everyone, so 20 to 20,000 may be right for you.

Other comparisons to make are the impedance, which is measured in ohms and the sensitivity, measured in decibels. Generally, headphones that require little power to deliver higher audio levels (such as for a computer, smart phone or tablet) will have a lower impedance, such as 25 ohms. Higher impedance headphones are meant for a recording studio, home theatre system, or other location with powerful setup.

The higher the decibel level, the greater the chances it could damage your ears. But what you can do is buy noise-cancelling earphones with mic, which cancel out the background noise and deliver better sound, lessening the need for you to turn up the volume on your smart phone.

3. Consider type

Most people want a lightweight set of headphones so they can’t feel them on their head. Remember that they bulkier they look, the heavier they may be. Earphones with mic may be a better option, as they also serve the purpose of being used for smart phone conversations.

4. Wireless or length of cable

Is it important to you to have cordless headphones that work through the use of your router? If so, WiFi headphones may be perfect. But if you’re planning on taking them with you to school or work, you may wish to buy earphones with mic that connect through your phone’s port.

5. Consider acceptable price range

Can you afford to pay more than 100 rupees for basic earphones with mic, or are you will to pay 4000 for top of the line? Most people want somewhere in between, particularly if they’re for a smart phone.

Choosing the best earphones with mic is important, because you want to be able to smoothly switch between a clear phone conversation and your music.

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