5 Best Free Web Hosting For Beginners


Everyone likes the word “free”. Only because it saves your money. Many times we need free services which help us to achieve our goals and when comes to web hosting providers there are many premium players in the market. But beginners always in search of money saving service to minimize investment and so the risk.

The challenge is finding the best one who meets your requirements. To solve your problem we come up with the list of top 5 free web hosting providers and their provided features.

1. Byehost

Storage:1 GB
Bandwidth:50 GB/month Advertisements: None
Domains:1 sub domain, 5 add on domains, 5 parked domains
Email Accounts:5
FTP: Yes
Features: MySQL , PHP
Control Panel: VistaPanel

Owned by byet internet, a US based provider of hosting known for providing various premium features for free. The company provide MySQL database and PhpMyAdmin which help you to develop dynamic websites. They treat you like premium customers by providing 24/7 tech support and access to community forum.

2. 000Webhost

Storage:1 GB
Bandwidth:10 GB/month Advertisements: None
Domains:1 sub domain
Email Accounts:5
FTP: Yes
Features: MySQL, PHP
Control Panel: cPanel

This is most popular free hosting provider established in 2007 operates from US. They are also known for their referral program. But take proper precautions while using their services as they hacked in 2015. If you are not programmer then you can use their free website builder.


Storage:5 GB
Bandwidth:20 GB/month Advertisements: None
Domains:1 add on domain, 1 parked domain
Email Accounts: None
FTP: Yes
Features: PHP, MySQL, Script installer Control Panel: cPanel

As name suggests they provide 5 GB storage. They provide script installer, PHP, MySQL for free. But one drawback is you cannot use email accounts. They used to advertise on free hosting websites but later discontinued in 2014.

4. Awardspace

Storage:1 GB
Bandwidth:5 GB/month
Advertisements: None
Domains:1 free domain, 3 sub domains Email Accounts:1
email account Features: PHP, MySQL, Installers for WordPress and joomla
Control Panel: Custom

Launched in 2003 Awardspace uses their free hosting services to attract customers to paid package. But for beginners their are enough features. The main drawback is you can only use WordPress and Joomla but all scripts are not available. But decent bandwidth and 24/7 customer support are plus points.

5. X10hosting

Storage: Unmetered
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Advertisements: None
Domains:2 sub domains, 2 add on domains, 1 parked domain
Email Accounts:3 features: PHP, MySQL, Script installer Control Panel: cPanel

X10hosting provides unbelievable storage and bandwidth in this segment from 10 years. As specification shows performance of service is fast and stable. Along with CMS development frameworks they provide website builder for newbies.

So, these are best free options in the market ,but once your business grows you can expand your universe by premium service providers. Check some premium web hosting providers here.

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