5 Best Budget 360 Degree Video Cameras


Capturing photos and videos with your loved and dear ones during vacations, work time etc can be a pleasant experience and to preserve these memories for future, we like storing them in our cameras but little do we know that our memory fades away with the passage of time and then after some time we are incapable to recall either the place or the entire moment that we have captured with all our heart. To preserve the excitement and to re-live the moments once captured,what the technology has it in its stores for us is the -360° cameras.

Below are the best 5 budget 360 degree video cameras.

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360 is one of the most recognizable 360 degree video camera that we today have in the market. With two fisheye lenses on either side of the camera,it lets you capture views in 360° and thus lets you take your photography to next level. Each lens has a 15 megapixel sensor that lets you capture 30-megapixel 360-degree stills or 3840 x 1920 video. The camera is priced at Rs 23,300.

LG 360

​LG 360 is a highly compatible 360 degree video camera that is rather very inexpensive when compared with its competitors. LG 360 also features two lenses that are protected by a plastic sheath when you are not using the camera and it is being kept in your bag, pocket or somewhere else. The mobile app lets you take review of your images taken and also helps you control the camera. The camera is priced at Rs 15,550.

GoPro Hero

Weighing at an approximately 110 grams,GoPro Hero is very much similar to other GoPro cameras and comes with its integrated housing that is waterproof up to approximately 40 meters. With a good 360 degree video quality and a satisfying price range, it is certainly a budget camera. The housing is capable of bearing scratches,vibrations and some other minor abuses. The camera is priced at Rs 18,999.


​The Ricoh 360 is one of the most compact VR camera or 360 degree cameras that we have today in the market under economic 360 degree cameras. Although not priced at a very low value,it still offers great pictures and lets you capture a complete 360 view with a single touch. With the Ricoh theta apps, the pictures and videos and then be seen on iOS,Android and PC.

Bublcam 360 Spherical Camera

Bublcam 360 is an easy to use and a “value for money” virtual reality camera aka. VR camera or 360 degree camera that lets you capture the best of pictures and videos. Equipped with 4 cameras each of 5 megapixels, it lets you take spherical images and videos quite easily. The internal storage of the camera is quite low and therefore it features a 32GB microSD card that lets you store pictures and videos. It is priced at US $749.

Above list consists of budget VR cameras, check our list of best 360 degree video cameras if you want to get a more high end and feature loaded Virtual reality cameras.

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