5 Best 360 Degree Video Cameras Available in Market


There has been a significant advancement in the technology of cameras. Initially, what was started by developing films, was later transformed into cameras and now with the coming of 360 degree cameras, there is whole new dimension added to photography and videography. The 360 degree video cameras bring in more reality to the pictures as they cover the whole 360 degree view which you might even not take care of, while clicking your photographs.

Over the years, different 360 degree video cameras have come into the market, some of which possess some really cool features like water resisting ability, low light photography and more.

360 Fly Cam

Priced at US $449, the 360 fly cam is a highly compatible and easy to use 360 degree video camera that comes in with amazing features like shockproof ability, water resistance and dust proof ability. Although the camera does not have enough built in memory and it always requires its cradle for charging and transfers, it makes up for it with its excellent mobile app that lets you capture, edit and share your photographs and videos. It features a standard tripod stand and is water resistant up to a depth of around 10 meters.

Insta 360 Nano

Insta 360 Nano is a small 360 degree video camera that makes use of your phone screen to capture photographs and videos which can be later edited or shared using apps. The camera is specifically made for the iPhone models which are as follows- iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s models. The camera consists of two f/2.0 fish eye lenses, present on the front and back part of the device which enables capturing of 360 degree view from both front and back side.

Nikon Key Mission 360

To rival the likes of Pixpro and Insta 360, Nikon launched their action 360 camera known as Nikon key mission 360. Unlike some of the other devices which use two cameras placed on the front and back side of it, Nikon key mission 360 uses just one big camera with two bulbous wide-angle lenses pointed in opposite directions. It comes intact with some really cool features like water resisting ability, shockproof and dustp roof ability etc.The Nikon key mission 360 is priced at $449.

Giroptic 360 Cam

The Giroptic 360 cam, which came into existence by a Kickstarter campaign two years ago boasts of some of really great features like live streaming, water resistance, replaceable battery etc. It comes built with three optical lenses placed at equal distance from one another and capable of recording spherical videos and taking high quality images.

Nokia Ozo

Nokia ozo is one such 360 degree camera to shoot virtual reality videos that out stands all other cameras with its unbelievable specs. The camera with its build quality and features looks completely out of this world. To provide you with an unbelievable photography and video graphy experience that you have never witnessed before, the device comes in with eight different lenses having a 195 degree field of view with a fixed aperture of f/2.4 and with eight microphones present in the exterior to capture spatial audio Along with the video capture.

An additional cartridge carrying 500GB of storage and battery need to be applied to ozo externally. Also there needs to be a station for charging the cartridge and for transferring of files to computer.

Delivering features which are currently not present on any other 360 degree camera and with its ability to store 500GB and to record footage of 45 min of virtual reality videos, the camera is got to be expensive and accordingly the camera is priced at $45,000.

Above were some really high ended 360 degree cameras. If you are looking for budget options, please check our list of budget 360 degree video cameras.

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