10 Tools Every Web Designer Should Have


An award-winning web design company is more than just talent and a passion for quality; it’s got a lot to do with their wonderful toys or in this case, their wonderful tools. Here is our list of must-have professional web design tools for 2017.

Typography Tools

There are a number of free or paid tools to make website typography a breeze; from tools that simplify original web typography to providing free access to pre-existing web font directories, these options will make any designer a little hot under the collar.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is the obvious choice for web fonts that are freely available for commercial web design.

Choose from thousands of fonts licensed under the Creative Commons license without slowing down the project of your web design company in Sydney or obligating yourself to pass on unwanted fees to your web design clients.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a popular source for free fonts for web or print; this collection contains hundreds of fonts which are completely free to use both commercially and privately.


Typecast is an online tool which will allow a web designer to choose an appropriate font by providing a space for them to try it out. Rapidly style, verify readability, and font rendering on the fly as you work. Guaranteed to help simplify any web designer’s work flow, Typecast is a tool not to be missed.


Typewolf is a great source for designer typography inspiration. View an assortment of curated showcases to see how a font looks with various visual elements and images. Once you’ve found a motif you’re interested in, simply download the font that was used.


Tiff is our last web designer’s typography tool in this list, and it can potentially help solve a lot of complex typography obstacles quickly and easily. Designers use Tiff to spot the visual differences between two fonts in order to adapt or swap out existing fonts in a web design project.

Colour Tools

Typography is only one small facet of compelling website design that can be difficult to manoeuvre; colour schemes also come with their own challenges and caveats. It is important that you have the right tools for creating colour schemes that fit the website’s brand.

Here are our top choices for online colour tools to make that web design project a snap!

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is a nifty tool from Adobe that doesn’t come with a big price tag (like so many of their offerings do!). Adobe Kuler makes selecting a website’s colour scheme simple and enjoyable; upload, create, and edit colour schemes right within the app for speedy results.


Pictaculous is another free tool that helps web designers arrange a colour scheme for a website project, although it operates a little differently from Adobe Kuler; with this offering from MailChimp, users can upload a photo and extrapolate a colour scheme from it. Create custom colour schemes or pull a scheme directly from a photo auto-magically–the choice is yours.


Colorzilla is a free Google Chrome browser plug-in that includes a colour-picker, gradient generator, and a number of other advanced tools to make selecting and manipulating colours found on the web a whole lot easier.

Wireframing Tools

Lastly we have our top picks for web-based website design wireframing tools.


Balsamiq is a tried-and-true website wireframing and prototyping tool that’s popular with website designers and developers alike. Balsamiq reproduces the “sketch” look common with paper-based mockups and takes all of the heavy lifting out of rapid-prototyping.

Google Drawing

Google Drawing is another great website design mockup tool –and it’s free! Although it has less bells and whistles than Balsamiq, it is still incredibly robust; perfect for a new, budget-starved bespoke web design company.

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